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We recognize that one of the most important aspects of ant control is proper identification. Without knowing the behaviors and characteristics of the target pest, you can never hope to achieve control.

We have several species of ants in the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco and Richland, WA) and each have something unique about them that needs to be considered when they become a nuisance.

Ant identification over the phone can be a challenge, as every ant is described as either a "sugar" or "piss" ant. Neither of these are an actual type of ant, but rather regional colloquialisms for any type of small ant. Many in the Tri-cities area are "Odorous Ants" for a proper description.

See what one of our customers had to say about our ant control services.

"Two years ago I was overrun with two types of ants, some beetles and earwigs. Yuk. All at the same time. I called and Jim came out and named every one of the little buggers and I watched him track this mile-long ant path. He told me the queen was moving the colony and sure enough, each ant was carrying an egg!

Can a person know too much about bugs? Anyway I have called on Complete Pest Prevention every year since then and trust them to take care of the bugs.

Highly recommend! Very quick to respond to messages, quick service and came back a second time to check on the ants." - Holly P.

When you call us we will ask a few questions to try and determine what type of ant you are having issues with. This is important because some types of ants can be made into a much worse problem if not handled properly before our visit.

Summer is always the time ant infestations come to life. Are you experiencing an ant infestation? Need help, give us a call, and ask about our maintenance plans. We can structure an ant control maintenance program depending on how often you need assistance.

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