organic ant control house Call 858.521.8876 - San Diego Pest Solutions provides Ant control services to Poway, CA! Specializing in Termite Control and Removal service.

Live in the Poway, CA area and looking for an experienced ant extermination company to take care of a pest problem for you?

Call Poway Pest Solutions!

Whether it's your kitchen that's crawling with cockroaches or your garden that's infested with ants, you want the best pest control service possible and you want it immediately.

Poway Pest Solutions are experts in eliminating the following pests:

- Ants
- Spiders
- Rodents
- Mosquitoes
- Termites
- Bed Bugs
- Roaches
- Ticks
- Wasps
- Gnats
- Flies
- Flees

Poway Pest Solutions knows exactly what to look for, where to look and what treatment is most effective.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Poway Pest Solutions will get rid of your pest problem fast or you pay nothing!

Poway Pest Solutions eradicates pests and prevents them from returning.

We offer an unbeatable combination of highly trained expertise, state-of-the-art treatment methods and immediate responsiveness.

Our Pest Control Services:

- Home Pest Control
- Commercial Pest Control
- Rodent Trapping
- Rodent Baiting
- Gopher Control
- Bee Removal
- Wasp Removal
- Spot Treatments
- Perimeter Treatments

We will locate where bugs and rodents are living and/or entering your home, and control the situation quickly to ensure your peace of mind.

We handle pest problems quickly, safely and effectively.

Poway Pest Solutions provides you with a premium quality pest control experience at an unbeatable price.

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