carpenter ants in house
Carpenter Ants Eating food - How Large dark colored Ants eat food ?
How Carpenter Ants eat food ?
My summer ant friends.
Every summer Carpenter Ants are coming to my home.
Every Day I am Putting 100Grams Sugar along with Water.
These ants are Very funny. If you disturb at they eating food. they simply bite you.

Discovering Carpenter Ants in Your House Carpenter ants in your homeThese ants are usually large dark colored insects which sometimes may have a pair of wings and bent antennas. Their red or black bodies can reach from 3/4 inch to 1/2 inch in length. There is a popular misconception that these pests eat wood. But they actually do not, insects simply bore into wood to create hive there. This makes them as aggressive and dangerous bugs as termites are.
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