First vid black carpenter ants

Black carpenter ants!!!


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hello #HormigaColony! , I'm soo happy today, so in this video we're gonna talk about our awesome 3000 worker strong carpenter ant colony, now carpenter ants are awesome but they take ages to grow big right?, well our camponotus colony know widely as The Dark Titans are just 9 months old, it's ain't no joke, Read More »

#LIVEwithAmy O: What do carpenter ants look like in a house?

My contractor discovered a terrible secret of this home that had been vacant for nearly two first we thought they were termites!!!! Turns out the pest guys says they are carpenter ants. Either way---I don't want them! They both cause TONS of damage!!!

Carpenter Ants Sampling with Fiat at St John Priory

Carpenter ants hide in firewood in Manasquan, NJ porch

A frantic homeowner in Manasquan, NJ contacted Cowleys after observing a small army of carpenter ants around her front door. Like any ant infestation, carpenter ants are a major nuisance for homeowners. These ants in particular, however, are more of a problem than most ant infestations because these insects cause property damage. | 1-732-719-2717

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Innocent Dust or Hidden Problem - Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can be hard to spot and can cause terrible damage to a home.

How to get rid of carpenter ants in walls: Quick Easy Trick to find carpenter ants in the home

How do I get of carpenter ants in my house and walls? How do I find the ant colony ? How do I get rid of big black ants,? Find the moisture, and you will find the carpenter ants. Video show quick and easy do it yourself instructions how to find carpenter ants in the Read More »

Camponotus Laevigatus Update #1 (HUGE CARPENTER ANTS!)

A quick update on our Camponotus Laevigatus Colony. Enjoy! Credits: Music: Song: Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video: Intro Music: Track: TULE - Lost [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants (4 Simple Steps)

See how to get rid of carpenter ants using the Solutions 4 Step Process in killing carpenter ants! Click here for more about carpenter ants and for access to the products featured in the video: Click here for our Guaranteed Ant Control Kit! The Carpenter Ant is a wood-destroying ant species that, if Read More »

Carpenter ants ate my tree part 2

Ant army ate my tree

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants - Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

16 Effective Remedies to Get rid of Carpenter Ants. Boric acidity. Boric acidity may be the goto natural carpenter ant pesticide. It's nontoxic to humans but kills ants just for fun. To buy Boric acidity from the pharmacy of hardware shop and may be used to sprinkle throughout the house or combined with water to Read More »

Carpenter ants Austin Texas

Carpenter ants eating a deck

Hevosmuurahainen ja kekomuurahaiset

Hevosmuurahaisen kaamea kohtalo kekomuurahaisten käsittelyssä. Suuri koko ei auta joukkovoimaa vastaan. Hevosmuurahainen käveli suoraan kekomuurahaisten polulle. Nämä hyökkäsivät välittömästi. Kamera: Canon Legria HF R606 + Raynox DCR-250

Pest Control Portland on Carpenter Ants Part 1

Home We Exterminate Carpenter Ants in Portland All mature Carpenter Ant colonies produce large winged male and female ants once each year. These reproductive ants usually stay in a staging area away from the main colony. They are waiting to do their mating flight and they sometimes get confused by the warmth of your house Read More »

Carpenter Ants at work

Carpenter Ants at work.

Carpenter ants


Carpenter ants ate my tree

Ant army eating my tree

Carpenter ant vs Fire ants

Lone componotus compresses lays waste to a trail of Solenopsis Geminata

Carpenter Ants

Get rid of Carpenter Ants Urban Pest Specialists

Carpenter Ants in Indian Tropical Forest

Carpenter Ants in Indian Tropical Forest

What Are Winged Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are these winged individuals often indicate a well established colony. Those living outside in logs and common names florida carpenter ant, bull tortugas ant scientific winged females (alates) are the largest caste reaching up to 20 mm length if a species of doesn't bite or sting, alates that won't sting either. Both of Read More »

Carpenter Ants Everywhere

Why did you have to get rid of Orkin, DAD!? Also, on behalf of the YouTube AI, I apologize about the thumbnail. Clearly, it is irrelevant to the video.

Carpenter Ants Framingham MA - WPC Pest and Termite Control

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