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Any Texan who has walked through a field and seen dozens of red fire ant mounds knows the destructive power of the red imported fire ant. Not only are the mounds unaesthetic, but they can ruin lawns, and more ecologically important, they can displace native ants from their habitat. Lawns, ranches, or other lands can be permanently altered by the Red Imported Fire ant because of their ability to build many mounds in a clustered area. It is not uncommon to see an entire field dotted with large Red Imported Fire ant mounds.

Red imported fire ants are prolific breeders and aggressive feeders, which makes them a successful invader. Mounds can be hundreds of thousands of individuals strong, and multiple queen colonies exist whose individuals can move between mounds freely which ultimately leads to an increase in the number of mounds that may be found within an area. Thus, Red Imported Fire ants are able to take over an area rather quickly by turning fields into homogeneous, desolate wastelands comprised of dozens of Red Imported Fire ants mounds. Most Texans have observed this phenomenon, possibly in their own backyard.

Managing the Red Imported Fire ant has proven difficult, as the ants are hearty and tough to eradicate. Presently, insecticides seem to be the best and most-recommended option. Spraying mounds, injecting mounds, bait-traps, colony poisons, pouring boiling water onto the mounds, or igniting mounds have all been tried with varying results.

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If your property is overrun with Red Imported Fire ants, you should contact a professional exterminator rather than attempt a potentially fruitless (or dangerous) remedy yourself.

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