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"This a perfect example of where fire ants will set up camp in the lawn right by
a driveway, driveway tends to pick up more water and the water comes off the driveway and consolidates here they tend to bring the dirt up above the lawn and to make some sort of nest if you disturb the mound your going to see millions of these fire ants come out and attack whatever disturbs the mound whether it's a three-year-old or a dog or you or the lawnmower they just have this natural tendency to attack and bite cause homeowners a lot of problems when this dries out they'll move for more water usually towards a house where you have plants that shelter water and or your walls."

Bulwark Exterminating fire ant expert point out ants in the yard and explain how ants get in the house. Ants, and Fire Ants will set up Ant Mounds in your yard and then will be drawn to the house because Ants like the moisture from your home.

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