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In this video, we will give you 4 simple home remedies that work to get rid of ants from your home and yard.

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Are you frustrated by the invasion of ants in your house?
In this video I will share with you the top natural remedies that will rid you of all the ants from your home:
ONE: Use Lemon Water
Make a mixture of water and lemon juice then spray it all over the high-traffic ant areas. Spraying this mixture consistently will yield you great results.
TWO: Block the Ants' path using Vinegar
Vinegar works well for virtually all pest problems. Prepare a solution of water and vinegar then spray it along the trail of the ants. Vinegar has a scent that repels the ants.
THREE: Use Dish Soap
Spraying a solution of dish soap around the ants' entry points can also be very helpful.
The chemical in detergents and dish soap them breaks down the protective layer of the ants' exoskeleton.
FOUR: Use Cayenne Pepper to Repel the Ants
Sprinkle cayenne pepper around the areas where the ants are highly concentrated; Pepper deters the ants from returning since they hate it.
Have you used any of these natural home remedies for ants before? Share your favorites and experience in the comments below.