safe ant control
This video shows how to get rid of ants using a liquid ant bait: (the demonstrated product) (article on getting rid of ants)
The correct liquid ant bait can be an effective ant killer, even for the invasive Argentine ant. Killing ants with liquid ant bait applied outdoors can not only avoid an ant infestation in the house but also help to reduce the spread of Huanglongbing, a deadly citrus disease.

In the past I had unsuccessfully tried ant baits for organic ant control. I first tried common products with no success. I then tried some of the many do-it-yourself borax ant killer recipes on the internet, also without success. After learning from an entomologist that ant baits could be effective on the Argentine ant, I performed further research and found an appropriate liquid ant bait for my ant problem. This video shows how to kill ants with an effective ant poison.