treating ants in house
Termites can pose a threat to any home, regardless of their construction type. And often times they can feed on your house and surroundings long before you notice any damage. That's why it's important to select termite control products that'll not only kill off an active termite infestation in your home but prevent one altogether.

The Spectracide Terminate family of products offers consumers both detection and killing solutions to help keep their homes termite and carpenter ant free. Detect and kill foraging termites with the Terminate® Detection & Killing Stakes, kill termites and fill voids in damaged wood with the Terminate® Termite Killing Foam, or use the Terminate Termite & Carpenter Ant RTU to protect your home for up to 9 months from termites and carpenter ants.

Don't let termites take control of your home. Make the smart choice with Spectracide Terminate products!