house ants
I put this out about 45 minutes ago and look at the activity! This is an indoor bait, but I figure it will work outdoors for a little while anyway. The ants just love this stuff. At this rate, they'll be all gone very soon.

About 2 hours later there was about 100 of these big ol' carpenter ants drinking the kool aid. Within 12 hours, the container had been drunk dry -- not even a drop left in it. So I put out a second container in the same area and after a couple hours, nobody seems interested in drinking it any more. They are all resting in peace, it would seem.

Note: About 10 years ago we hired an exterminator for 0 to get rid of a similar infestation in the same location. It took them three trips to clear them out over a 2 week period. If we had known about Terro, we could have solved it ourselves in one day for about . Man do I feel stupid, but never again!