safe ant control Inexpensive do-it-yourself ant control methods include squirting white vinegar or a 50-50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water on surfaces that attract ants; shaking cinnamon, black pepper or baby powder on these areas; or spraying problem spots with equal amounts of window cleaner and liquid soap. Sprinkling diatomaceous earth (about - for a four pound bag, online or through a pool store) is believed by its users to dehydrate the ants and kill them. Vacuuming ant trails or sponging or mopping them away can be more effective than using indoor insecticide spray. It's also important to clean and inspect the home, eliminating all potential sources of ant food and water.
Poison bait that is carried back to the nest to eliminate the entire colony is slower but more effective than spraying insecticide on the visible indoor ants. Bait is insecticide mixed with ant-attractant materials. Some people report success mixing boric acid (borax, - for one pound, online or at hardware and home improvement stores) with sugar or some other sweet. Pre-filled bait traps or stakes designed for consumer use can cost -5, depending on the brand, type and amount. A borax-based ant control method, is sold at hardware and discount stores for -. If home remedies or do-it-yourself efforts don't solve the problem, many common household ants can be eliminated by a general pest control treatment which costs -0 or more for a first application, depending on the size of the house. Follow-up maintenance service can cost - for monthly applications or -0 for quarterly service, a total annual cost of 0-0 or more.
Carpenter ants tunnel through wood to make their nests, which can cause structural damage Controlling carpenter ants can start at - for a do-it-yourself approach eliminating an easily accessible outdoor nest to 0-,000 or more to have a professional do a drill-and-dust application (drilling holes and filling them with insecticide dust) to every void in every wall in the house. Monthly follow-up treatments are typically recommended to avoid new infestations. Ongoing maintenance treatments can cost about 0 per year.
Fire ant control can cost - or more for do-it-yourself methods, or 0-0 or more for treatment by a pest control company or landscaping service.