carpenter ant control

HOW TO GET RID OF SUGAR ANTS MEMPHIS TENNESSEE. You've heard the phrase "knowledge is everything". That most definitely applies when it comes to pests. Hardware stores, department stores and even grocery stores sell pesticides but that does not guarantee you will have success in killing pests. Oh, you may kill a few (the ones you see) but a can of pesticides and a lack of knowledge is NOT the solution. HOW TO GET RID OF SUGAR ANTS MEMPHIS TENNESSEE.

Pest control companies train their employees on what to look for and how to treat the most common pests. In Tennessee, technicians have to be certified to apply pesticides. Tennessee even has a requirement that all certified technicians accrue 10 hours of education each year. Pest control technicians are always learning HOW TO GET RID OF SUGAR ANTS MEMPHIS TENNESSEE.

Identifying ants is important to the effective treatment of ants. Here's a link that may help you properly identify ants.

Here's a hint on HOW TO GET RID OF SUGAR ANTS MEMPHIS TENNESSEE. If you see ants on your kitchen sink, don't spray the counter top and think that is enough to kill all of your ants. No! No! Go outside and inspect the perimeter of the house and find out where the ants are entering the house. Once you find the entry point then follow the ants into the yard and find out where they are coming from to get to the house. This will usually be a tree, pile of leaves, firewood, etc. Then you can treat where the ants originate plus the perimeter of the house plus treat the area inside where you are seeing the ants. You have to find the source!!

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