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How to Kill Sugar Ants
00:00:37 Method 1 Prevent Sugar Ant Infestations
00:00:45 1 - Limit eating to the kitchen area only and clean up food spills as soon as they occur
00:01:09 2 - Store all shelf-stable sweet products, such as cookies, candy and bread inside of tightly closed containers or in the refrigerator or freezer
00:01:26 3 - Add fresh caulking or insulation around windows and doors and seal any known holes that the ants may use for access
00:01:41 Method 2 Bait Sugar Ants
00:01:48 1 - Encourage foraging
00:02:11 2 - Put jelly into a squeeze bottle
00:02:34 3 - Pick an area in your house where you have seen ants and you have an open surface to work with
00:03:03 4 - Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder around the food so ants taking the bait home will leave an easily visible trail to the nest
00:03:27 5 - Monitor the bait food to see if the ants are taking it home, and where they are carrying it as they leave
00:03:52 6 - Choose a slow-acting poison to allow foraging ants time to bring the bait back to the colony before they die
00:04:13 7 - Mix the poison into the jelly and put the bait food out in your test area
00:04:33 8 - Re-supply the bait stations as needed until you are no longer seeing ant activity
00:04:54 Method 3 Other Ways to Kill Sugar Ants
00:05:02 1 - Try a natural home remedy to kill sugar ants if you don't want to use chemicals
00:05:38 2 - Use a chemical granular or spray insecticide marketed for use on ants
00:06:03 3 - Treat ant nests directly with an insecticide if you are able to locate them
00:06:35 4 - Spray the foundation of an infested building from the outside with an insecticide to prevent additional ants from entering
00:06:50 5 - Call in a professional exterminator or pest control company if your efforts to kill sugar ants have failed

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