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The Best Way to Get Rid Of Flying Ants in Your Home Very Fast

Seeing flying ants in your home is never a good sign, but having these winged ants in your home in the winter is especially problematic. This is because ants only fly - or even have wings - when they are getting ready to breed.
In the summer, the flying ant may be a species that lives outdoor and simply got inside through an open door or through another gap or crack.
Here are the top ways To Get Rid of Flying Ants:
1.Mint .
If you’ve noticed flying ants in your home but don’t want to kill them, you could use mint leaves as a natural repellent. Make a powder from dried mint leaves and put this around the area where the ants are nesting. After they appear to have disappears, make sure to seal the crack or hole where the ants are using to enter your house. This method does require some time however for the ants to be eradicated.
2.Baking soda and sugar .
The combination of these ingredients can help to completely get rid of flying ants by exterminating the source - the nest. While baking soda is safe for humans it is toxic to ants. The sugar attracts the ants to the mixture and they can take it back to the nest. The ants die when they digest the baking soda and sugar.
3.Dish soap.
Your regular dish soap can be a great way to stop flying ants from becoming a pest in your home. The soap sticks to the wings of the ants and stops them from flying. To use this method, mix one part dish soap with three parts water in a spray bottle. Mix this well then spray on flying ants.
4.Lemon juice spray.
The citric acid in lemon juice can act as an effective insecticide to keep the ants away. It also has the added advantage that it acts as a natural room freshener and is safe to use around the house. To create the spray, squeeze the juice from one to two lemons into a spray bottle then fill it with water. Shake the concoction well then spray it on the flying ants to eliminate them naturally.

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