pest control for ants

This month, Peter Power from Power Pest Control talks about Ants and how to get rid of them in your home. Ants can be very dangerous in your home...especially Carpenter Ants! Peter also talks about Pavement Ants, Boxelder Bugs which have been showing up these days in the Toronto area and even CP24 ran a story on them. Lastly, Peter gives us Spring tips and how to eliminate pests.

Carpenter Ants
1. What are carpenter ants?
2. Where are normally located
3. What are signs of carpenter ant infestation?
4. What would be generally the difference between termites and carpenter ants
5. What are some of the food sources that the carpenter ants are looking for?
6. Is it possible that the ants can set up a satellite nest?
7. What kind of treatments can be used to eliminate carpenter ants
8. Difference between spraying the house and using a bait treatment and some of the risks involvement
9. What would a carpenter ant nest look like
10. Off the counter insecticides .. do they work? And why would you want to hire an exterminator versus doing yourself?

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