Many people get stuck in uncertainty as to whether they have a problem that warrants calling a pest control company for professional help. The problem with remaining uncertain for too long is that some infestations can erupt quite quickly. So spotting and identifying the early signs of an infestation is a real important step. Taking decisive action right away can save you a chunk of money as well as saving you the stress and headaches of having to deal with a full-blown infestation.


As a simple guide here are seven warning signs to look out for that can give you the peace of mind that when you spot them you will know that it’s time to call a professional pest control service for help.

Warning Sign 1: Seeing the Pests Yourself


The clearest and most obvious warning sign that unwelcome pests are in your home is to actually see the pests yourself or have a family member see them. This does not mean just to see them crawling or running around your home or place of work it does include spotting insect eggs and larvae. Now it does not matter if you see them alive or dead, the actual seeing of them is an indicator that in all likelihood there could be a much bigger problem. The more pest or signs of pests you see the larger the scale of the problem there will be. Spotting the pests at night is one thing but when you get to see them during the day it is a warning that you may have a major problem about to erupt into your lap.


Warning Sign 2: Signs of Life, such as Droppings or Shed Body Parts


Another obvious warning sign that your home or work place is on the brink of a stress-filled infestation is when you spot those things that pests leave behind. Both insects and rodents are very skilled at hiding, however they never cover their trail. Naturally, they will leave droppings, grease marks, scratches, fur or even shed body parts as they move around your home or place of work. If you find droppings or urine be quite careful as these can be a breeding ground for disease. Lots of disinfectant or professional detoxing of the environment could save you or your family suffering unnecessary illness.


Warning Sign 3: Chewing Marks on Food Packaging?


Pests need shelter, water and food, just like you and me. Your workplace or home can give pests these 3 essential needs. Noticing chew marks or holes in the food packaging in your kitchen and cupboards is a big warning sign that unwanted pests are having a good go at getting a meal. The biggest culprits are rodents, such as a wide range of mice or even rats. These little creatures by nature have to chew and gnaw on things to grind down their rapid-growing teeth.


Warning Sign 4: Structural Damage


When you share your home or workplace with pests health and cleanliness issues naturally arise, but it can also cause extensive economic damage too. So for example, termites can and will burrow their way into every wooden surface in their way, including flooring, beams, etc. And rodents (such as mice) will and can gnaw-on and chew through wires and systematically create numerous holes throughout your property.


Warning Sign 5: Pests Making a Noise


It’s true that various insects will hardly make any sounds, but in contrast most if not all rodents will and can get quite noisy. As they are nocturnal creatures you will probably hear them scratching and clawing their way around both within the walls or in the ceiling. Those horror movie noises need not be just in your imagination.


Warning Sign 6: Nests, Hives, & More


Pests will not just live inside your home or workplace, many of them will create their own living space for their growing community. Rats and mice tend to make use of paper and other kinds of debris to make their nests. These nests will be the home to their litter of babies that they need to feed so they can grow and reproduce of their own litters exponentially. Many insects build their own community homes with hives, tunnels and various forms of colony setups. These pest homes within your workplace or property will be tucked away in hard to find places, such as inside walls, within crevices, behind appliances and even in the far corners and reaches of your attic.


Warning Sign 7: Strange Smells


Further down the line, when an infestation has already established itself and has become a real problem in your property you will, more often than not, notice strange odours and smells. An experienced pest control professional will often tell what type of problem you have just by the smell of the areas that are being impacted. Here are a few common examples:



    • Cockroaches will have an oily smell which is quite pronounced when there is an infestation


    • Mice and similar rodents have a strong ammonia-like smell, due to their urine


    • Bed bugs will give off a musty, slightly sweet smell



It’s one thing having to deal with the smells, but these odours will and can attract more pests.


If you have noticed one or more of these warning signs in your home or workplace, it’s time to give a professional a call. You can quite easily discuss the issue over the phone for some initial guidance. If you feel confident with them as a genuine pest control company let them come out and do an onsite inspection, so that they can discuss an appropriate treatment plan to get rid of your infestation once and for all.


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