Guide about what to do when you’ve got a wasp nest in the loft. It’s more a guide to common questions and ideas our pest control clients have tried or called us to ask will the following methods work to get rid of wasps.

“I have heard almost faint crackling and popping from the loft. I have been outside to check near the source of noise and seen wasps entering and leaving! Any idea why they are making that crackling noise? Are they damaging our loft/property in any way by being there?”

A scenario that happened to one of our clients who contacted us after spotting the wasp nest nearby his loft; more accurately under its roof. Usually, these things happen during summertime, when wasp activity is on its highest.

I have to emphasize from the start that it is highly advisable not to do anything with it but to call a professional wasp nest removal to get rid of the wasps nest problem. It is a known fact that wasps are acting aggressively if they feel their home is being under attack.

wasp-repellentDid you hear crackling noise and thought it is a mouse?

Well, a wasp nest in the loft is made of a wood pulp, which itself cracks and pops while young wasps are moving under it or adult wasps are adding material to the nest. The wasps might be doing that with your roof beams or rafters if that is where the sound is coming from. In my case, they have left funny bite marks.

The only thing that the wasp could be doing is chewing wood or paper stuff into pulp to build their wasps nest. Wasps are a danger to your home because they produce a wasp nest by chewing wood materials in your home into a pulp. And even though the wasps are in the loft, they still get close to you when looking for food.

They strip little pieces of wood to build their nests with. Do not hesitate to call expert pest control who will carry out the wasp nest removal and deal with the wasp’s nests.

Would putting an ultrasonic device in the bedroom get rid of them?

The use of sound has not yet been proved to affect wasps, although there are many products on the market that use sound to repel many pests, ranging from wasps to mice. As there is no solid proof that the ultrasonic devices work, pest control services rely on tried and tested methods for wasp nest treatment.

There are some indications that insect species, like wasps, can sense ultrasonic vibrations coming from ultrasonic devices, which can then affect them by high-frequency emitting sounds.

Do not waste your money on an ultrasonic device of any kind. Instead, get a local pest control firm to tackle the wasp nest. If you spot a wasp nest, contact a professional wasp nest removal immediately!

You see, once the wasp nest is built in place wasp nests will multiply till the wasp colony hits maximum size up to 20,000 wasps.

Would blocking the hole up to get them angry and cause us problems in the process?

Some people think they can solve the issue by blocking the wasp nest hole using expanding foam or by using water to get rid of the wasps. Do not do that! It will only make them aggressive, and there is a high chance they will attack and sting you instead. All D.I.Y. methods are likely to cause wasps to feel threatened and will start acting violently, protecting the queen wasp and the colony.

And others attempt D.I.Y. wasps nest removal, and some tips may help, but you need to be prepared for when the job goes wrong. It depends on the location of the wasp nest whether it’s in the garden, near your business or close to the roof, garage and compost heap. As to how easy or effective the wasp control methods are, that’s why pest control for wasps will inspect, assess and use the correct treatment from poison dust or powder etc.

Why act immediately when spotting the wasp nest?

One potential problem will be if you need any work carrying out in the loft while the nest is still active. If you get a professional electrician or plumber in to do any work, they most likely refuse to do the work when they see the nest or any wasps.

To get rid of the wasp nest in loft problem easily and quickly, contact a professional pest control for wasp nest removal that specialized in various professional insect, rodent, bugs and birds to get removed.

Hiring pest control services will help you to feel secure and safe in your home again, and reduce the chances of accidents while trying to remove a wasp nest yourself. A local search will quickly find the best wasp pest control in your area for wasps nests to get removed for your business or home.


Contributed by: E & M Pest Management – Foremost experts in Wasps and other flying insects.